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the equinox hunt

demo new release | windows pc
09-01-2021, by neo

demo of the equinox hunt, available on pc

You are the prey of hunters in the middle of the forest in this game of infiltration and fear where every noise can be fatal...

The game is available on Windows PC. This is a playable demo allowing to get an idea of the possibilities of the game, the graphics rendering and the quality of the gameplay. Usually offered shortly before the release of the full game (or in parallel), you can make your own opinion before possibly moving on to the final and full version.

This is a new release available now. The game is out and can be purchased now.

The game is available for download. Once on the official website, follow the instructions
Windows compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.


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This game is offered through the Steam platform. The game client is therefore a prerequisite for downloading, installing and playing the title on your PC. The Steam client is available from the official site. Once installed, you will be able to recover and then launch the game on your computer.

New release
The game is now available for purchase. Before playing the full version, you will need to purchase it first.

A playable demo is not a complete game, but free and offering the player to test it in order to get an idea of the content, gameplay and graphics. It can be limited in time, in the number of its levels or else provide an alternative version to the full game, much shorter.

new release
official link