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zombies sniper

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03-06-2021, by elodie

zombies sniper, available on android

When the sniper is the only bulwark against zombie linfestation !

The game is available on Android. Discover this free game now.

Android compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.
The link redirects directly to the Google Play site for added security. Once on the site, identify yourself with your Google account associated with your smartphone or tablet, then click on "Install".


Region 11 Paris Special Operation mission 5, The Heist, has a problem. The loading took 3 minutes to reach 92.1 percent, then stopped. I waited for more than 10 minutes to see if the loading will continue. Sadly it did not. I tried playing it while connected to the network, no improvement. I did tried on offline mode, the result was the same. I'm beginning to loose faith in this game. Too bad I like it so much. Maybe it's time to look for a much better game.
noname326807, the 03/06/2021


Overall a great game on my Android based phone and the online PvP Arena mode is very fun but lately on Arena in the Atlanta map there are people killing me with one hit, which shouldn't happen with my level of armament. I've also noticed people shooting me through several buildings which shouldn't happen, and when you get killed the app allows you to see who killed you before you regenerate and I'm finding that these same people aren't even facing me. It appears as if they didn't shoot me but did. Is there a glitch in the game or are people somehow finding a cheat? It's becoming a problem and might force me to stop playing anymore.
noname397876, the 03/06/2021


This game absolutely sucks. There have been issues they have since fixed but the biggest, most annoying issue they REFUSE to fix. The game constantly force closes at random times. Whether in between missions or during, it just shuts off and you have to reload. Its starts ok but when you get to upper levels it happens a lot. Ive reported this issue many many times and they still do nothing about it. I would not reccomend this game to anyone and encourage current players to dump this game.
noname522047, the 03/06/2021


How can it be possible to be shot through a building in PvP arena? It is happening often on many buildings in the Atlanta location. It shouldn't be possible to shoot someone through a building! UPDATE: 5/14/21 I purchased special bullets for 1500 gold thinking it would make my weapon more powerful but it did nothing. That is a ton of gold to pay for something useless. Can your developers please add some benefit to the special bullets please???
noname167330, the 03/06/2021


I have been playing this game for a few weeks , spent money with them and bought a season pass which included several upgraded weapon and suit. After a few days the rifle disappeared and I lost my season pass privelidges. Nowhere does it say pay money and we will lend you these items but you can't keep the. Well they let me keep the suit but I never received the rifle I was supposed to get. I have contacted the doveloper by email and get no response. So I will tell you more that they lied about
noname222565, the 03/06/2021


Game Is Good. But There Is A Bug In This Game, That EDM Rifle's Ammo Clip Not Visible. It's Corrupted. So I Think New Update Required To Fix This Problem. And One More Thing May Be Possible That There Should Be At least 1000 Medals In Every Single Play Of PVP.
noname77226, the 03/06/2021


It's a good game, but if you switch to an automatic rifle...it STILL have to reload the gun, one cartridge at a time. That's not good of you're trying to protect people being overrun by zombies. If someone can give me pointers on how to get around this, I'd appreciate it.
noname281949, the 03/06/2021


This game is a money grabbing scam! It's the same game from the devs with a repackaged skin. Lots of cheaters/hackers in it. Ads galore. It is designed to empty your wallet. No dev support. It is despicable that the play store allows this game and doesnt bannish the company repackaging these games. If you play this game, I will question your IQ.
noname665252, the 03/06/2021


Dear developer, In the PvP challenge, Atlanta, people are shooting me through buildings! And some glitch also is that someone will be facing me his back to me.and shoot me, so this things are affecting the game play... Kindly update us whats the issue?? And it would be nice if you add a new pvp map, having night mode vision or so
noname618580, the 03/06/2021


There will always be something happening in this type of game. Real-time interactions will require reflexes and skill from the player at all times.

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