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beta versionbrowser game | windows pc
24-06-2021, by elodie

beta version of piepacker, available on pc

The new multiplayer game platform with a catalog and a dedicated cartridge reader for NES, SNES, Genesis and Game Boy games.

The game is available on Windows PC. This is the Beta version of the game, an unfinished version, which makes it possible to realize the rendering and the potential of the game before it is officially released. The Beta is therefore the last stage of a game's progress before the game is offered in its full version.

This game is played directly from your web browser, no need to download it, it will be launched from the browser page.

The Beta is Open (or Public). You can therefore play the game freely for the duration of this phase.
Windows compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.


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This is the development phase of the game that precedes its official release. The Beta version allows players to test the video game just before it is released in final version. Player feedback and new suggestions are needed to correct the latest bugs and know their priorities in terms of adding content before or after the video game is released.

The open Alpha or Beta version is available for unrestricted download by its developer. It allows all players who wish to play the game before its release or marketing if the game is to be sold.

Game developed by a single person, a small team or a small studio, whose funding often comes from the players themselves in order to allow the project to be completed. Often deployed initially as an Alpha or Beta version of the game, this method allows players to get an idea of the content and concept, and the studio to make itself known to the public.

Play through environments requiring agility and precision in the character's movements and jumps.

Cooperative game allowing several players to participate together in the main objective.

Short levels with progressive difficulty, which will inevitably defeat the player at one point or another...

Relive the gameplay, graphics, soundtracks and atmosphere of old games released on console in remastorized versions but using the codes of video games released several years ago.

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