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big farm : mobile harvest

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24-05-2021, by joy

big farm : mobile harvest, available on android

Simulation of Farm Online Life on the farm you dreamed !

The game is available on Android. Discover this free game now.

Android compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.
The link redirects directly to the Google Play site for added security. Once on the site, identify yourself with your Google account associated with your smartphone or tablet, then click on "Install".


It starts out well enough. I've reached a point in the game when I've run out of seeds for crops. You have to buy seed with gold, the game currency. It's hard gold, even after joining a co-op. Seed is the most basic resource and we have to buy it!? The odds of getting it in the daily reward are low. No other farm game does that. I never pay to play. I uninstalledu0026ran smart clean. My RAM is now mostly available. This game uses an AWFUL LOT OF RAM even when it's not running! Not recommended.
noname589748, the 24/05/2021


The game is entertaining and definitely addicting initially. The co-op function where you get to join other players internationally is fun until drama begins. However there gets a point in the game where everything is exorbitant in the game cash (what you can earn) or the game gold (what you have to buy). Packages are offered up to $99.99 real money just for some gold, cash or "boosters" and it no longer becomes feasible or reasonable to continue to play to spend that much to expand/upgrade.
noname265947, the 24/05/2021


We used to love this game until recently. There are way more ads now and some of them automatically download when you hit the "x" to close the ad. I've never had this problem before. Very frustrating. I've already had to uninstall the same app twice that the ad auto-installed. Instead, I may be uninstalling this app next. Please fix this so we can keep your game. Update: The problem ads are from News Break. Multiple ads had the same issue u0026 auto-downloaded when clicking the "x" to close them.
noname803705, the 24/05/2021


Just love this game! You must have patience to play as it is an ongoing farm (just think of it as a real farm that takes time to build). There are glitches, but I haven't found any major ones and have played through them. The key word is patience!! Enjoy One year, and a bit, on.........I play every day and still love this game!! Haven't found any major glitches and farm is growing slowly but surely. I spend some real money (my choice) to improve my farm as not competitive at all. Great game!!
noname6477, the 24/05/2021


Pretty solid farm sim game, the only issue I have is with the wait times for some products. You have to have patience with this game, unless you have money to spend on in game gold. Otherwise, no bugs, no glitches so far, and it runs pretty smooth. Also all the themed events keep the game a little interesting, and keeps it the game from getting too boring.
noname413090, the 24/05/2021


The time is fast approaching to uninstall this predatory "game". What once WAS an interesting game, no longer is. The naked demand to spend real money is disturbing to say the least. I will warn you ... DO NOT INSTALL .. unless you are willing to part with your bank account. It starts out subtle, but quickly escalates to a constant demand to spend money to stop seeing all these ads. But don't be fooled. Spend a little, but then expect the ads to return shortly. Nothing is free is their response!
noname213389, the 24/05/2021


I have been playing this game for years and loved this game but all the latest updates have been trash and now it just updates and won't allow me to open. This would be the second time I would have to start over. I'm uninstalling and I won't reinstall this time. It takes to much time to build up a farm only to have to keep starting over.
noname260589, the 24/05/2021


Some of the items take WAY too long to be produced, but overall, it is a pretty good "farm simulator" kind of game.. Also needed a considerable amount of data to download and keep updated.(Not so cool...) This last update (5.11.21) sucks!! Not much new and definitely nothing world shattering, but the game won't even let you play until it has been updated and I am having a huge problem getting it to download... ????
noname639187, the 24/05/2021


Love this game. I used to play a game called zombie farm when it closed I couldn't find the right game to relax me until I found this game it is so simple and kick back I love it! Update: May 05, 2021 Still an amazing game however the connection could use some updating. Even connected to wifi it doesn't always have good connection and sometimes it gets stuck.
noname597115, the 24/05/2021


Have been trying to update for 8 hrs now. Will not be able to finish train
noname8665, the 24/05/2021


Real pastime, with this game you are sure to find the time much shorter... At the risk of coming back and becoming addicted !

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