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light a way

free game | android
08-06-2021, by neo

light a way, available on android

As a guard, you have to hire on a path to restore light in the world and get rid of darkness.

The game is available on Android. Discover this free game now.

Android compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.
The link redirects directly to the Google Play site for added security. Once on the site, identify yourself with your Google account associated with your smartphone or tablet, then click on "Install".


The game was good in the beginning. But whenever i have completed the levels the game doesn't take me to the next stage. And i completed the first levels 60 and it didn't take me to the next. But i kept playing it. I played until the level 70. And suddenly when i open the app i was again in level one and all my creatures are gone.
noname402298, the 08/06/2021


THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! I am 8 years old and I have been playing this for 6 months now! The graphics are awesome and so is everything. I especially love the part when you can join the tree of light! This game has everything I wanted. I looked over and over and THERE IT WAS. I used to play this game when I was 5 to. And many people are complaining about how boring this game is BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Great game! Keep it up!
noname686816, the 08/06/2021


I totally love this game!! The Feys are soo cute!! The dresses are beautiful. I just wish that there will be a story for the other worlds too. I just downloaded this game just this morning and im in the 2nd world. There was no storyline ( once i reached the second world ) and i also realized my power went back from the beginning ( i dont mind that ) but please make a storyline for the other worlds, but the thing i love the most is the ancient turtle ( because i love turtles ).Thats all i loveit!
noname875511, the 08/06/2021


I like how you can play without forced ads. That way I can choose to watch ads at my own convenience. The graphics are nice and the story is cute. I wish they spent a little more time developing the story and strategy behind the game, become sometimes I miss the point.
noname64035, the 08/06/2021


5/5! This was my childhood, I used to play this game after a church day in the Philippines, even though there's alot of pfp, it's pretty good and the art is stunning. I was 10 when I played this game. I clearly want everyone to appreciate the creators for doing this app. Thank you to the creators from making my childhood special, also, edit from jan. 25, even there's alot of pfp, it's fun to play. -Xoxo, Chesca. (Edited on may 14)
noname216999, the 08/06/2021


I love this game! It's super relaxing and fun to play! I love how there are no ads, and the graphics are soooo cute and relaxing! This is one of my favourite games!
noname459799, the 08/06/2021


The glitch is that you can't "tap", screen's not freezing, but it won't register any "tap", can still use skills and all those buttons, only unable to tap. I noticed it'll go away if waited, and restarting the game does resolve the issue too
noname539744, the 08/06/2021


Beautiful graphics. Non-intrusive, optional ads. I'd love to see more quests though. But overall, great game and graphics for me.
noname142869, the 08/06/2021


Just started but love it so far! Revision: After a while it gets a bit repe
noname474019, the 08/06/2021


The adventure game emphasizes story and storytelling to provide a gameplay experience that focuses on storyline and atmosphere.

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