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age of z origins

free game | android
13-06-2021, by o'neill

age of z origins, available on android

Save humanity pushing the waves of zombies...

The game is available on Android. Discover this free game now.

Android compatible, you will find all the informations about the supported systems on the official website.
The link redirects directly to the Google Play site for added security. Once on the site, identify yourself with your Google account associated with your smartphone or tablet, then click on "Install".


As a leader of the top alliance in my world, I enjoy playing this game and I have invested thousands of dollars in it. However, this cannot be the same thing said of all players. In my long time playing this game, I have seen many good players leave the game simply because they cannot afford to compete with someone like me. I urge AOZ to reduce the power gap between players and provide more protection for small players. At this rate, am afraid my world will no longer have anyone to compete with.
noname650063, the 13/06/2021


Terrible game. Self imposed rules no one follows. Pay to play if you're ever going to have a decent account. And with all the farms, it's flat out a game no one can actually play unless you want to play with yourself. So I went and gave it another shot and it's worse than ever. Are you familiar with Farmville, well that's what you get here. What a joke, I've finally deleted the game from my phone and tablet. I feel sorry for anyone who spends real money on this game, and the Dev's don't care
noname7311, the 13/06/2021


Strategy game
Make every effort to achieve a predefined goal by anticipating, preparing and continuously adapting your tactics to carry out your mission.

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